Elegant shape、 dust proof and splash proof!

In addition to facilitating the extraction, it is also possible to protect the contents and use paper towels to provide more peace of mind.

One-handed use

One hand can use by our unique patent structure

Patent structure

Patented construction: roll-type extraction device, suitable for any roll type products!

Patent No. – M556570, M556132

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Our services

Multi-size patent Lala box

Mini Lala : 164*128*132 mm

Regular Lala: 186*186*150 mm

Large Lala : 173*247*143 mm

We also provide exclusive customized production and design.

Various types of wipes

We offer a wide range of sizes of wipes:

Baby series, family series,

Beauty series, high-tech precision wipe series


Except our existing products, it’s also available for any customized sizes.

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About us 關於我們

Chin Chen Jia Co., Ltd was established in 1985

Jia is named from家(home) and 佳(better)

Jia 家 is mean that we creat any product by a mission of love for our families.

Jia 佳 is mean that We promise you better quality products.


We started the brand “Leshi” in 2011 to protect your baby by giving the safest baby wipes. March 2018, we presented the Jia lala box that are owned 2 patents-M556570、M556132 to help you do the house clean and storage simple and easier.