Roller-type product auxiliary artifact – LaLa-Box

Exclusive patented construction!
Patented construction: roll-type extraction device, suitable for any roll type products!

Patent No. - M556570, M556132

Can be used with one hand
Our exclusive patent allows you to use roll-type products with one hand!

Elegant shape, dustproof and splashproof.
In addition to facilitating the extraction, it is also possible to protect the contents and use paper towels to provide more peace of mind.


Mini size: 164 x 128 x 132.5 mm
Standard size: 186 x 186 x 155 mm
Large size: 173 x 247 x 143.6 mm

Improve the disadvantages of traditional roll-type products that are not easily torn.
More effective protection products, splash-proof and dust-proof.